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Alex Nicolas

Alex Nicolas

Art Director | Pilot

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Nicolas Gonzalez, Co-Founder of Listing Gurus has a background in systems engineering, graphic design, and web development.  His interest in the navigational studies has led him into marine science and aviation, hence, his passion for drone technology.  With the current aerial technology, combined with the advancements in cinematic and photographic hardware, he combines not only his graphic design and engineering skills, but also his aerial studies as well.  He brings to the end user a quality representation of their assets and properties.

Nick (or Alex) is currently working double-time to further his career by spending his days conducting business for Listing Gurus, managing over 30 websites and marketing campaigns, and is a full time student at Broward College for Professional Pilot Technology (due to graduate 2020).

Nicolas Enjoys spending time with his children, has a great time with his girlfriend, and travels South Florida, seeking great photography, cinematography, and partnerships with Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Business owners.

Check out his graphic design portfolio at:

“Don’t be alarmed when you meet me, I’m a total geek and high energy!  I guarantee you’ll love me, and if we do business, you will not only get what you paid for, but I promise you will make a new friend and resource for your business or brokerage.  Listing Gurus charges a fee for service, but my love is free!”

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