Advanced listing presentations

Matterport was created to provide an easy-to-use, on line instrument for authoring 3D virtual real estate tours with the demand for professional-grade scanning technology, as the essential scans are interpreted from state of the art photographic equipment.

The goal is to create 3D models which may be readily seen in any browser or mobile device, or explored in VR.  Matterport lets Listing Gurus utilize present equipment to create tours, floorplans and versions without having to interrupt the realtor or property owner for very long (usually approx. 4 minutes per room).

The popularity of virtual reality (VR) is rising amongst retailers and businesses, since it supplies a new approach to engage with customers, customers and other companies.   Listing Gurus are attempting to open up the technology to people with the statement that the Virtual Reality world is going to be made available to the average and above average properties’ realtor.

“We are incredibly proud to create this technology publicly available to properties of all sizes, while maintaining affordability,” said Nicolas Gonzalez, CEO and also co-founder of Listing Gurus.  “To have built this toolset in so short a time is an remarkable achievement by the group.  At last, using only their current equipment, real-estate and virtual tour photographers can quickly and easily create very high quality 3D virtual tours”